Can I Use GarageBand on Windows PC?

It is a known fact that a big rival has been taking place between the two giant companies i.e., Apple and Microsoft since several years. Windows had turned out to become the ruler since decades while Apple is grabbing the attention and acquiring popularity in recent times. The one and only app that Apple had designed and developed for both PC and Mac is the iTunes app store.

The main reason behind this is that it doesn’t wish to lose its predominant market share in the music sector. With their iPads, iPods, and iPhones, Apple has gained massive share in the market. Apart from iTunes, Apple had not yet launched any crucial and prominent software program that works on any PC. As Apple has designed and developed the GarageBand software tool, there is no GarageBand for Windows platform.

Unfortunately, GarageBand doesn’t exist for desktop devices. However, you don’t have to dismay. Here is a detailed guide on how to acquire GarageBand for PC [] and Mac devices. Even without having an official GarageBand for Windows platform exclusively, the users can download and install it on their device by following this simple guide.

How to Make GarageBand Work on Windows PC?

As of now, there is a single working method that lets you use GarageBand on Windows PC. Despite having numerous methods regarding the installation process of GarageBand on Windows, we have come up with a genuine tutorial for the same. Most of them suggest the users install GarageBand for desktop on an Android emulator.

We have innumerable Android emulators in the market like Bluestacks, Nox App Player, Droid 4X, Genymotion and more. However, none of them could help you in installing GarageBand on Windows PC. The best way to install GarageBand is using VMware. Using the VMware, one can install one or more OS on your Windows OS and you don’t have to worry about your device’s security.

Connect Windows PC to GarageBand Remotely

There is no single method to run GarageBand on your Windows PC. However, there is a unique method to run a Mac device via a Windows PC. One of the best options is to connect your computer to another Mac in a remote way. If you have a Mac device at your home, you can access it easily.

One can set up a remote connection with much ease via Google Chrome. An excellent feature namely Chrome Remote Desktop that lets you connect to another PC. Just check out the simple steps provided below to connect your computer to a Mac running GarageBand.

Steps to Run GarageBand on Windows PC

  • First of all, ensure that you have Google Chrome on your Windows PC as well as your Mac devices.
  • You need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both the devices.
  • You can then open Chrome on your Mac device and open a new tab from the browser.
  • On the next tab, you can see Chrome Remote Desktop and ensure that you authorize it.
  • Provide access to all the permissions and rights. Hit the button ‘Yes’.
  • You need to share the computer. Hit the share button and provide the access code in the required field.
  • Open Chrome and remote desktop extension from your PC.
  • Grant the necessary access and all sorts of permissions to operate on your device.
  • It then asks you to type the access code that you have received from Mac and tap the Connect button.
  • From now, you can gain access to control the Mac and access GarageBand from your PC.
  • You can then start running GarageBand right from your computer.
  • This trick works perfectly on any computer ranging between iMac and Mac Mini.